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Staff members each have several years of surveillance experience, and we utilize cutting edge technology and investigative methods to monitor and document claimant activity. Our combined experience, use of the latest technology and effective investigative methods ensure excellent results on each investigation. As an added bonus, we provide a Complementary Internet Profile Report (social media, internet & limited background report) with every surveillance assignment.

Our Social Media Searches are comprehensive searches of all popular social media websites, searching for a claimant presence via their own profiles and those of family members and friends. 

Our highly trained and experienced desktop investigators can assist you in knowing more about your claimants' history with a Background Records Search. This can be done at the Local, State and National level. 

We can help you determine if there was previously undisclosed medical treatment and prescription history with our Nationwide Medical Canvas Search. We include a 32-Facility search, which can be completed within 24 to 48 hours. This search is not limited to hospitals and doctors, but can include pharmacies, MRI facilities, gyms, and health clubs.

Are you having trouble locating a witness or a claimant? Let our cost-effective database check help you track down those hard-to-find individuals.

Activity Checks are an ideal way to determine if surveillance is warranted. Our Activity Checks include up to 4 hours of onsite investigation, discreet neighborhood canvas if requested, as well as internet and background information. 

Alive and Well checks are conducted to determine a subject's health status and lifestyle.  Our highly qualified and skilled investigators can conduct discreet meetings, interviews, phone calls, etc. according to our clients instructions.  

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